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So you would like to participate in our service offering but have no money to start your investment. Let us introduce you to the 8th wonder of the world - Compound Interest! Want to discover how this works?

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The Magic of Compound Interest :  "He who understands it Earns it, He who doesn't pays it" - Albert Einstein.

Our Model Explained:

1. You apply for credit  - You need to have a good credit record.

2. You open up a trading account using the credit you applied for and received - For the purposes of this explanation let's assume you received an amount of R 15 000 credit. You should utilize the credit to open up your trading account ONLY, and not use the money to purchase miscellaneous  items which results in bad debt.

3. You start earning profits. Under normal market conditions the profits you earn will be considerably greater than  your payments due. The profits you earn from your trading account must be used to clear your debt ONLY!  It is not at all unreasonable to clear off the debt in 3 months.

4. Your credit scoring will allow you to get additional debt, which you can use to open up a second trading account.  You will be able to pay off your second debt in 3 weeks with profits earned from both your trading accounts.

5. You can now open up a 3rd trading account and continue repeating this cycle, which will enable you to earn significant profits and make you grow rich!