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There are a number of programs designed to enable you to earn passive Income, however all of these have pitfalls. Lets take a look at some of these and their associated pitfalls



  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Requires Regular and Consistent Sales
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Requires Initial Huge Capital Input
  • Rent out a Room /House
  • Do you have a spare?
  • Sell Products on Amazon or create an On-line Store
  • Do You Have the Know How?
  • Create You Tube Videos and eagerly anticipate Views
  • You Need to Be Able To Create Interesting Videos Which Will Attract Viewers.
  • Start a business and have someone else run it
  • Need Start Up Capital and Know Someone with Business Acumen to Run your Business.
  • Create an App
  • Can you Write Code?
  • Buy and Sell Vehicles or Become a Real Estate Agent
  • Requires More Time Than You May Have Available


 ALL of the above requires Time and Effort...... So is it really Passive Income?

We Will Ensure You Earn Income Passively Whereby We Put In The Time And Effort Whilst You Reap The Benefits !!!

 Why can't I trade to earn Passive Income?

Online trading is open to the public, and you can definitely try, however you run the risk of losing your money if you do not have knowledge or experience!